What is the Light of the World Retreat?

What is the Light of the World Retreat?

When you attend the Light of the World Retreat at you will encounter Jesus and the message of the Gospel in a fresh way. It is an opportunity to meet Jesus personally and to let him give new purpose, meaning, and direction to your life. This is a chance to make a retreat right in your own backyard, to have a weekend away to renew your faith but still sleep in your own bed!  

Topics Covered?  God’s Love For Us,  Our Enemies,  Jesus Christ: The Light of the World,  Making Jesus the Lord of Your Life,  Surrendering Your Life to the Holy Spirit, Renewing your Baptism

Retreat Dates - The Whole Weekend of April 13-16 hosted at St. Francis Xavier School

Friday: 6:30 - 9 PM

Saturday: 8 AM to 8 PM

Sunday: 8 AM to 8 PM  

Monday: 6:30 - 9:30 PM

Common Questions:

What is the cost? No cost except your time.

Do I have to come to the whole thing? Yes! It’s a retreat weekend that builds on itself.

Do I get to go home at night? Yes!

Meals? - We will feed you Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner on Saturday and Sunday

I’m already a serious Catholic. Is this for me? There is always more to learn!