True Manhood In The 21st Century


Struggling with pornography and/or masturbation?

Here are some helpful tools to battle the weaknesses of the flesh and to regain hope in the grace and love of Jesus Christ!:


  • - A website designed by world-renowned Catholic speaker, Matt Fradd, to expose the reality behind the fantasy of pornography and to equip individuals to find freedom from it.
  • - Jason and Crystalina Evert have spoken to more than one million people on six continents about the virtue of chastity. After working for Catholic Answers in San Diego for more than a decade, the couple moved to Denver and began a new ministry focused solely on promoting purity: Chastity Project.

Internet Filters/Accountability Resources:

  • - A program that allows a weekly internet summary to be sent to an accountability partner. It gives a man the opportunity to choose the good, and to rely on his accountability partner when he struggles.
  • - A program that blocks a wide array of websites from your computer. It allows the user to choose which websites will not be allowed, and requires the use of a password for entry into certain websites.


  • Fortify App - One of the best apps out there that helps people break the addiction of pornography and impurity by focusing on healthy habits and training videos that support growth in the area of chastity.
  • The Victory App - A FREE App that helps you fight for freedom from pornography, and makes it a battle you can win. Every battle needs a plan. The Victory app provides a strategic battle plan for liberty in the struggle against pornography. For more information about it, click here
  • The Pure Faith AppPure Faith is a Catholic prayer App that includes all of the prayers from the best-selling book Pure Faith, plus daily Mass readings, Saint of the Day, Liturgy of the Hours, the entire Bible, and the monthly prayer intentions from the pope. Use it to prepare for Mass or confession, or do an evening examen before bedtime.


  •  Defeating Satan's Deadly Weapon Against Men - An amazing Men's Talk on the epidemic of pornography use among men and the tools that are available to overcome its devastating effects on marriages and everyday life.
  • The Hidden BattleMatt Fradd is a highly sought-after Catholic speaker and apologist. In this inspiring talk, Matt explains that there is nothing shameful in seeking to live a porn free life. Listen as Matt lays out a seven-step battle plan on how to uproot the vice of pornography in your life once and for all. He is also the founder of, a site offering help to people recover from pornography.
  • DetoxWithin every heart is a battlefield between love and lust. In this presentation, Jason Evert discusses the strategies necessary to win the war and uproot the vice of pornography once and for all. Jason is an internationally known Catholic author and speaker. He has spoken to more than one million people around the world and is the author of more than a dozen books, including "Pure Manhood" and "Theology of His Body". This talk is proudly presented by Lighthouse Catholic Youth.
  • Sexual FreedomIf you can’t say “no” to sexual desires, what is your “yes” worth? Freedom exists for the sake of love. However, the modern idea of it leads to slavery. In this enlightening presentation, Christopher West shows us how authentic sexual freedom can deliver us from the empty promises of “sexual liberation”. Christopher is a popular theologian who specializes in making the dense scholarship of Pope John Paul II’s "Theology of the Body" accessible to a wide audience.
  • How to Save Your Marriage Before Meeting Your SpouseCan you divorce-proof a marriage before it begins? In this top-notch presentation, Jason Evert shows us how to build the foundation for lasting love, and reveals how marriage preparation starts before "engagement". Jason Evert has spoken about chastity to more than one million people around the world and is the author of more than a dozen books, including "How to Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul" and "Purity 365".
  • Parenting for PurityDo you want to be the #1 influence in your teen's sexual behavior? In this presentation, Jason Evert provides parents with 10 powerful strategies to safeguard the innocence of their children and effectively communicate the benefits and beauty of chastity to their family. Jason has spoken about chastity to more than one million people around the world and is the author of more than a dozen books.

Online, Anonymous, and Church-Approved Program: 

  • Reclaim: God's Plan for Sexual Health - For Catholics who want to overcome pornography/sexual addictions and reclaim their lives. To break the chains of addiction and habits that have taken years to form, one must have the courage to steadily and patiently train the brain to form new habits. This program has been proven to help thousands of Catholics around the globe to overcome their struggles with pornography and other sexual addictions, permanently. 






The Man Talk: 







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