Totus Tuus -- Grade School

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June 19 -23rd - Holy Cross Parish in Colchester
July 26-30th - St. John Vianney Parish in South Burlington


What is Totus Tuus?
Totus Tuus (Latin for “totally yours”) is a fun, high-paced, and energetic Catholic youth program dedicated to sharing the Gospel and promoting the Catholic faith through catechesis, evangelization, Christian witness, and Eucharistic worship. The goal of Totus Tuus is to help young people grow in their understanding of, and strengthen their faith in, Jesus Christ. The program strives to bring our faith to life by creating a balance between knowledge of the meaning of the Sacraments and an authentic Sacramental life.

When he became Pope in 1978, Blessed John Paul II chose Totus Tuus for his papal motto. Throughout his 26 years as the Holy Father, he called the Church, especially young people, to a new evangelization. Totus Tuusseeks to foster openness to vocations in the youth we serve as well as among the teachers. This is accomplished by placing special emphasis on the importance and necessity of prayer, Eucharistic devotion, and Marian devotion, in addition to catechetical instruction and formation in the Catholic faith. Totus Tuus is sponsored by the Diocese of Burlington.